Chinsali master plan almost ready

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Chinsali master plan almost ready

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Chinsali, June 10, 2013, ZANIS… The long awaited development Master Plan for

Chinsali  district in Muchinga province will be ready next month.


Chinsali Municipal Council Town Clerk Patrick Kambita disclosed

this during a meeting for heads of government departments chaired by Muchinga

Minister Gerry Chanda over the weekend.


Mr. Kambita said ASCO Zambia Limited, a Lusaka – based consultant

company has been engaged to facilitate the preparation of the Chinsali

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Local Area Plan (LAP).


Mr. Kambita said that the council is impressed with the stage at which

ASCO has reached in preparing the Local Area Plan for the district.


He said as soon as ASCO completes its preparations of the plan, the

council will start issuing land to prospective developers.



He said that all the developments which were halted in the district

last year to facilitate the preparation of the Master Plan will resume

in August this year.


The Town Clerk added that land will only be issued to serious and committed

investors who will contribute towards the development of the district.


Mr. Kambita charged that the Council will ensure that there is no room

for those willing to acquire land out of selfish motives and for

purposes of speculations adding that only serious developers will

be allocated land.


The Town Clerk said the local authority is fully aware of the

complaints by the residents but that land will only be issued after

the Local Area Plan is completed.


He said the Local Area Plan will act as a guide for land allocation saying the local

authority does not want the provincial capital to be filled with shanty

compounds and misplaced infrastructure.


Mr. Kambita said the Council is in a hurry to develop Chinsali hence

only serious developers are needed.


And Provincial Minister Gerry Chanda said he is disappointed

that the consultant has taken long to prepare the Master Plan for the



Col Chanda said the delays has affected development in the district adding that people

who want to invest in the district cannot do so because the local authority has suspended

the allocation of land to would-be developers.


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