Cashew industry opponents condemned

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Western province permanent secretary Emmanuel Mwamba has appealed to people opposing the idea of revamping the cashew  industry in the area to embrace new ideas.


Speaking during the provincial heads of department’s monthly meeting in Mongu today, Mr. Mwamba noted that western province was a very poor region hence the need for government and all stakeholders to embrace the revamping of any potential capital project.


He said his office, working in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture has made significant efforts in making the cashew Industry operational following its closure many years ago.


Mr. Mwamba stressed that it was not fair for people to shoot down the idea of revamping the cashew industry explaining that every industry has its advantages and disadvantages.


“The pessimism surrounding the restoration of the cashew industry in this province is uncalled for, therefore all those opposing this matter should give a chance for new innovations”, he stated.


He added that his office will continue to pursue the matter and ensure that it is successful as it is meant to benefit the people of western province and the country as a whole.