Village headmen in Kaoma appeal for price control following subsidy removal

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—- Three village headmen from chief Mufaya Mwanambuyu’s area, about 200 km away from Kaoma Township in Western province, have appealed to government to re-introduce price control on food and transport costs following the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize.


And Chiefs and Traditional Affairs deputy minister, Taundi Chiseke, has convinced about 19 teachers as they wanted government to re-introduce the fuel and maize subsidies citing high cost of living to teachers and people in the rural areas of Kaoma.


The trio that included headmen Nawa Akabondo, Iwano Kambungo and Simataa Kamwanda said government should enforce price controls so that people in the rural areas are not exploited by bogus business people.


Speaking on behalf of others, headmen Nawa Akabondo complained that some unscrupulous transporters have hiked transport fares exploiting rice farmers in the area.


Induna Akabondo said farmers were finding it difficult to transport their rice to the nearest market in Mongu because fares were too high and beyond their means.


He said people in the chiefdom supported the PF government’s move on the removal of maize and fuel subsidies but stringent measures should be put in place in order to curb illegal dealers that intend to hinder government programmes.

And the teachers who spoke through their head teacher, Kapitango Palata, said they appreciated the decision taken by President Michael Sata and the PF government to develop the rural areas through the removal of fuel and maize subsidies.


Mr Palata observed that the removal of fuel and maize subsidies would have a direct and quick negative impact on transport costs and prices for commodities.


He said the country experienced partial floods and droughts that have resulted in little maize yields and as such government should rescind its decision and reintroduce the fuel and maize subsidies so that prices of commodities and transport fares are lowered.


But Chiefs and Traditional Affairs deputy minister and Mangango Constituency Member of Parliament, Taundi Chiseke, requested teachers to support the decision taken by government on the removal of fuel and maize subsidies.


Mr Chiseke said the bold decision on the subsidies will greatly benefit the rural people in terms of roads, communication facilities, education and hospitals among other infrastructural development.


He said government will in 2014 start the tarring of Kaoma – Kasempa, Limulunga- Mbanga via Lukulu and Kaoma –Lukulu – Watopa roads under the link Zambia 8000 Road Project in a bid to improve the transport sector.


Mr Chiseke said government needed a lot of money so that meaningful development is attained, adding that people’s lives would be improved.


He urged people in Mangango Constituency to support the Patriotic Front government under the leadership of President Michael Sata which is a pro-poor government whose aim is to support the most vulnerable people in the country.


The deputy minister further said the olive branch extended to the opposition political parties by President Sata should be supported by everyone so that developmental projects that will result in job creation among the youths are spread across the country.


Meanwhile, Mr Chiseke cautioned people in Mangango Constituency and Kaoma district to work together and be wary of some leaders of opposition political parties who, if not carefully checked, would end up destroying the district by promoting hatred and tribalism.