State hails church support

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State hails church support


Chipata, June 7, 2013, ZANIS………Eastern province minister Malozo Sichone has

hailed the church for supplementing government effort towards developing

the country.

Mr  Sichone says the church has for a long time remained a key partner in

uplifting the living standards of the people.


Mr. Sichone said this in a speech read for him by Chipata

District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu during the partnership celebration

of the Pilgrim Wesleyan church in Zambia.


Mr. Sichone said the support that the Pilgrim Wesleyan church has

continued to provide to the people in Zambia is a clear indication

that it has the interest of the people at heart.


He noted that government is grateful for this partnership of

supplementing its efforts in making the country a better place for

everyone including the less privileged in society.


He said with such help that it is getting from the Pilgrim Wesleyan

church government is optimistic that it will be possible for Zambia to

meet most of the key Millennium Development Goals by 2015.


Mr. Sichone disclosed that Pilgrim Wesleyan church in collaboration

with the American missionaries has been instrumental in the education

and health sectors and is currently supporting 800 orphans and

vulnerable children.


He added that the church in Eastern Province is also improving access

to clean and safe drinking water through sinking bores in various



And District Superintendent for Pilgrim Wesleyan church Alex Mbewe

reaffirmed the church’s continued support to uplift the spiritual and

social well being of the people in the communities they are operating



Reverend Mbewe said the church is aware that many people especially in

the rural communities do not have access to improved living standards adding that this is

 why it is the duty of the church to supplement such efforts by providing basic needs.