National Heritage Conservation Commission urged to secure Polish grave yard

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–Mbala Town Clerk, Kennedy Mwansa, has
called on the National Heritage and Conservation Commission to
consider facilitating for security measures around the Polish
graveyard and other national monument cites in the district.

Mr Mwansa, who regretted the land allocation wrangle between the local
council and the National Heritage and Conservation Commission, said the
local authority has been waiting to meet with the commission to find
ways in which national monument cites can be protected.

He observed that the Polish graveyard and other monuments that have
remained in Mbala are very important to Zambia’s history.

The Town Clerk said it is unfortunate that the commission did not take
security measures to ensure that the place is clearly seen as a cite even after knowing that
the piece of land was reserved for conservation purposes
thereby making it prone to encroachment .

He noted that if the area was fenced people would not have gone in to
build structures.

He said it is a well known fact that most of the houses build around
that area started as illegal structures.

Mr Mwansa said the local council is, however, ready to dialogue and
find an alternative land for people that have settled on the reserved

He said the local council also takes pleasure in seeing the beauty of
history that the town hosts.

He, however, indicated that not long ago a man from National Heritage
and Conservation Commission he could not clearly identify visited the
local council over the same piece of land but has not returned to
further the discussion and find an alternative solution.

Mr Mwansa has since called on the commission to take the matter with
great seriousness and conserve the monument cite with utmost care.