-Kabwe council receives boost

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—- An environmental

non-governmental organization has donated 66 industrial bins

worth KR20,000 to Kabwe Municipal Council to mitigate challenges

the local authority faces in waste management.


Speaking during the World Environmental Day, Nurture

Guard board secretary Andrew Sinyangwe said the donation

was in response to the huge volumes of solid waste which the council

has been overwhelmed with due to the increase in both population and community activities.


The donated bins will be placed strategically in Kabwe town with the

hope that shops identified by the council for the placement of the

bins will take ownership by securing them.


Mr. Sinyangwe observed that councils are constrained by insufficient resources to

cope up with the mammoth task of solid management.


He told the gathering which included Kabwe Mayor Moses Mwansa who was

guest speaker that managing solid waste has proved to be a very difficult and challenging experience.


Mr. Sinyangwe said working with local authorities and other key stake

holders in the society could promote sustainable waste management

practices .


This would enable promote and preserve human health,

minimize the generation of waste, enhance protection of the

environment and control of pollution among others.


And Kabwe Mayor Moses Mwansa said it was important to make informed

decisions in making the environment user friendly, sustainable,

economically viable for today’s and future generation to live in a good



Mr. Mwansa urged Kabwe residents to plan and act futuristic and to

implore the principles that are environmentally friendly in order to

protect land degradation, air pollution and climate changes that have

been experienced in the recent past.


The mayor noted that ecologically friendly principles such as

aforestation, use of non pollutant raw materials, the reuse and

recycles, will demonstrate the ability to think before eating and

therefore help in saving the environment.



Mr. Mwansa said Kabwe town is rated one of the most polluted

towns in the world because of Zinc and Lead mining which has affected

over hundred thousand people over the decades and continues to

do so to date.