-Funding delays completion of projects in Mpika

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Funding delays completion of projects in Mpika

Mpika, June 4, 2013, ZANIS…Muchinga province minister Gerry Chanda has given the
District Education Board Secretary in Mpika a two -week
ultimatum in which to furnish him with a full report on why
construction of Chikwanda Day Secondary School in the district has

Colonel Chanda issued the directive in Mpika when he
inspected the construction works at the weekend.

Col Chanda said that he was disappointed to find that
construction of the secondary school at a cost of KR 18 million has been
abandoned and the contractor, Heros construction company has since
left the site.

He said that it was unfortunate that the project which started in
August 2011, just a month before the tripartite elections, is still on
window level while some structures are still on foundation level.

Col Chanda added that the project was poorly planned and
that the workmanship by the contractor engaged to do the works leaves
much to be desired.

Col Chanda who is on a continued familiarization tour of the
province said he will not allow shoddy works to be done on any project
in the province.

“Delayed and shoddy works cost the government a lot of money and there
is need therefore that all the projects to be undertaken are well
planned and that money for such projects should be released on time,
“said Colonel Chanda.

It was discovered during the inspection tour that no work has been
done on the project in the last three months.

Col Chanda said that it was unfortunate that the line ministry knew
very well that funds that were invested in the project could not
sustain the works to reach the completion stage but opted to go ahead.

The visibly annoyed minister charged that the Government is spending
colossal sums of money constructing new schools throughout the country
in a quest to improve on the delivery of quality education adding that
Government cannot afford to have projects abandoned due to poor
planning by the contractor or the line ministry.

But a care taker who sought anonymity told the minister that the
contractor has not been on site for some time due to non availability
of funds to enable him continue with the works.

And Mpika DEBS Bright Sinkamba said the funds concerning the project
in question are being handled by the line ministry in Lusaka.

Mr. Sinkamba said the works have stalled as a result of insufficient
funds adding that once the ministry releases the funds works
will commence.

In a related development colonel Chanda has warned workers at the
Provincial Forestry Nursery in Mpika district to improve their work
culture or be fired.

The minister sounded the warning when he visited the Provincial
Forestry Nursery plant in Mpika district where he discovered that over
120 thousand plants an the Nursery are drying up due to negligence and
inadequate water supply.

The minister said Government is doing everything possible to create
employment which should be treasured by all Zambians and will not
tolerate laziness at places of work.

And when contacted for a comment Forestry Department Principal
Extension officer Everisto Nonde said his office will do everything
possible to resolve the current water shortages being experienced at
the provincial plantation nursery.

Mr. Nonde attributed the inadequate water supply at the nursery to the
failure by Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company to constantly supply
the area with water.