Subsidy removal will improve national economy

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Subsidy removal will improve national economy

Lusaka, June 1, ZANIS—Defence Deputy Minister Joseph Lungu says the removal of maize and fuel subsidy by government will see a speedy turn of the country’s economic growth.

Col Lungu also said the removal of maize and fuel subsidy will see more funds being channelled to assist in clearing the outstanding claims of allowances by the defence forces across the country.

He said though many Zambians may see the move to be harsh and painful, its benefits will soon be cherished adding that it will stand the taste of time.

“Yes the withdraw of maize and fuel subsidy may appear harsh and  painful for a period, but in the long run, it will benefit you and make your life and the lives of majority Zambians better,” he said.

Addressing the Zambia National Service (ZNS) personnel in Choma yesterday, Col Lungu disclosed that government was spending more than KR300, 000 per month in maize and fuel subsidies.

He said government wants to invest these funds in highly productive and rewarding ventures which would improve the livelihood of all Zambians.

“Government realised that these subsidies were not helping to move the country forward but were in fact taking a huge chunk of the budget,” he said.

And Colonel Lungu said his office is committed in ensuring that resources served from maize and fuel subsidy are channelled to the phase two of the defence force housing construction project.

 He said government is fully aware of the need to improve accommodation and to accelerate the paying of all outstanding allowances for the military personnel in the country.

Col Lungu said government will endeavor to address all the major challenges being faced by the military personnel across the country as one way of motivating them in their discharge of duties.

Colonel Lungu has since applauded the military personnel in the country for being loyal, dedicated and hardworking in all their noble tasks and urged them to continue being patriotic to the nation.