Musofu Ward residents appeals for investigations of missing hammer mills

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Musofu Ward residents appeals for investigations of missing hammer mills

Mkushi, June 1, ZANIS—Residents in the Musofu Ward of Mkushi district have called on government to seriously consider instituting investigations regarding Hammer mills which were allocated to their Ward in 2011.


Musofu Ward Councillor Charles Kashinga (MMD) told ZANIS that there was growing concern amongst residents who wanted to know the whereabouts of two Hammer mills that were allocated to the Ward through the Ministry of Gender and Development.


Mr Kashinga explained that the Ward had been allocated three Hammer mills in February 2011 by the former Gender and Development Deputy Minister Lucy Changwe, adding that only one was in the Ward at the moment. 


He said that there was need for relevant authorities to seriously follow up this matter as residents were anxious to know where the other two Hammer mills had been taken upon arrival in the Ward two years ago.


He charged that the operations pertaining to one Hammer mill that remained in the Ward were allegedly characterised by lack of accountability as well as transparency.


Mr Kashinga said that in view of this situation, there was need for relevant authorities to make what he termed an appropriate intervention, saying that his personal efforts to apply some redress towards this situation had proved futile so far.


He further admitted that he was currently bearing the brunt of pressure from Musofu residents regarding the missing hammer mills, but maintained that the appliances had arrived in the Ward before he became a Councillor.


Meanwhile, Mwalala Ward Councillor Benford Katiti (PF) of Luano district expressed his support towards the stance taken by the First Lady Christine Kaseba against early marriages.


Mr Katiti said that he fully supports Dr Kaseba’s crusade to discourage early marriages explaining that the social scourge was retrogressive to development.


Citing the prevalence of early marriages in Chief Chembe’s Mwalala Ward, Mr Katiti pointed out that the practice inhibited the girl-child from realizing their full potential from conventional education.


He noted that in view of this, there was need for stakeholder sensitisation efforts to be conducted extensively in his Ward, adding that governmental as well as non-governmental inputs were needed.


Mr Katiti further commended the First Lady her relentless efforts to highlight the importance of Family Planning, saying that there was need for other stakeholders to emulate her by spreading the sensitisation to the rural communities.